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Welcome to my planet!

I am a short story writer, playwright, journalist, and the author of “The politics of Seduction”.

My play “Out of my Head” was nominated for the Stewart Parker Theatre Award. “Making Love To Yorick” was staged in the Dublin and Belfast Theatre Festivals. “Do nothing, Say nothing, Be nothing” (the only way to get through life!), – was staged in the Pavilion Theatre by Fishamble Theatre Company.

I get a passing reference in the “Men Having a Field Day” anthology, a book mainly about men, men, and more men, written by men, men and more men, (Did I say men?! – Did I say mediocre men?!)

My stories have been widely published and are included in various anthologies, as well as broadcast on RTE, and I was nominated for a Hennessy Award. I received a Literature Bursary from the Arts Council towards a novella, and am currently finishing a collection of stories.

I have worked as a lecturer, as a critic, as a columnist with the Sunday Independent, and as a headless waitress.

After many years of illness, I have returned to writing again, and am currently writing a memoir.

I am pleased to have a poem included in a forthcoming anthology of translations of Cuban poetry, edited by Ronan Sheehan.